art size

Latex balloons are inflated when printed. Height determines width and width determines height of imprint size. Imprint size cannot exceed maximum height or maximum width.

Latex Imprint Size

Balloon Size Maximum Art Size
9" Round 4.50" Diameter
11" Round 4.75" Diameter
16" Round 6"H or 6"W
17" Round 6"H or 6"W
36" Round 12"H or 15"W
AdWrap 2"H or 2.75"W
2" x 60" AdWave 1"H or 10"W
3" x 50" AdWave 1.5"H or 10"W
6" x 46" Banner 3"H or 28"W
11" Heart 4.75" Diameter
17" Heart 7" Diameter

Microfoil Imprint Size - Screen Print

Balloon Size Maximum Art Size
18" Round & Heart 10" Diameter
20" Star 10" Diameter
36" Round, Heart, & Star 15" Diameter

Electronic Files

The files must be line art/vector image in Adobe Illustrator CS or below. Corel Draw files or Freehand must be exported (not copied and pasted) as Illustrator, AI, or EPS files. Microsoft® Word documents and Quark files are not accepted.

Our Art Department operates with a Macintosh® computer system. Client name and “Custom Imprint Artwork” must appear in the subject line of the e-mail.
E-mail artwork to

Applications Accepted

File Formats

Adobe Illustrator™ CS 2 or below 10" Diameter

Fonts and Straight-Line Copy

Fonts incorporated in artwork must be converted to curves OR paths. No type should be less than 4 points. Bold sans-serif fonts are recommended for small type. All rules and outlines should be 1 point or greater. A maximum of four to five short lines of copy are recommended for straight-line copy. Abbreviations, capitalization, and punctuation will be followed as shown on your order. Please print clearly. If not specified, type style and layout selection will be made for best effect.

Multi-Color Print for latex & Microfoil

Art must be vector art set up in spot colors. Stock inks will be used unless PMS inks are specified.

Qualatex latex Multi-ColorPrint Balloons

Due to the unique challenges involved in printing on a round, flexible surface, ink colors will shift approximately 1⁄16" to 1⁄8". Order acceptance will be based on approval of artwork and printing capabilities. A pre-production sample may be required. Balloons need to be inflated and viewed from normal viewing distance of 5 ft. in order to evaluate colors and printing.

Photo prints

Latex Photo Print Charge (#80940): $60.00(C) Microfoil Photo Print Charge (#80941): $73.00(C).

Reproduction of photographs requires a quality, 5" x 7" continuous-tone print with good contrast; black and white is preferred. Light backgrounds with images as large as possible within the frame will give the best result. For photos of people, the shot should include head and shoulders with little or no background. Dark ink requires a positive image and is recommended for light balloons; light ink requires a reverse image and is recommended for dark balloons. When combining light and dark inks, two cuts/screens will be required. Minimum order quantities apply for each cut/screen. For best results, photo should occupy at least half of the imprint area. Vector art for graphics/type, may be required.

production ready art

Customer-supplied artwork should be production-ready and no smaller than 4" x 4" for latex balloons and 6" x 6" for Microfoil balloons, and artwork for other Pioneer products should be sized to match the stated maximum imprint area for each item. Art will be sized to the maximum imprint area of the product selected. Artwork should be a minimum 300 dpi, when applicable.

Media Requirements – CD’s are recommended. Floppy disks are also accepted.
Fax transmissions are not considered production-ready art.

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