Qualatex Color Assortments
  Assortment of any combination of colors are available, and unless otherwise specified, colors are assorted in the bag.
  For orders of 1,000 or more, choose an assortment below, or no more than four single balloon colors per 1,000 balloons.
  Other stock color assortments available.

Rainbow Assortment/L05
Fashion Assortment/L30
Patriotic Assortment/L14
Standard Colors;Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Pale Blue
Wintergreen, Tropical Teal, Goldenrod, Georgia Peach, Rose, Spring Lilac, Ivory Silk
Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Standard White
Radiant Jewel Assortment/L75
Radiant Pearl Assortment/L78
Pastel Pearl Assortment/L80
Quartz Purple, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Citrine Yellow
Pearl Sapphire Blue, Pearl Emerald Green, Pearl Ruby Red, Pearl Citrine Yellow, Pearl Quartz Purple
Pearl Lemon Chiffon, Pearl Mint Green, Pearl Lavender, Pearl Pink, Pearl Light Blue
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